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Welcome to my story Tower25. Tower25 is a visual narrative about my fall through addiction, losing everything, ending up homeless and about the challenges faced standing back up again. Its updated every Wednesday and Saturday.


In case you were wondering…

Tower 25 is a non-fiction illustrated narrative of my time as a homeless drug addict.  Everything you see and read here are my experiences, thoughts, and emotions.

Every page is free handed in ink.  No pencils, no script.  I put the pen to the paper and let the page create itself. It is my intention and hope that the sparse nature of the art will give you the reader more time and space for your own thoughts and emotions to arise.

Thank you for taking the time to read my work.

A shout out for the ongoing love and support that helps keep Tower25 alive goes to the following peeps below
To my folks and family, Trina, Ethan, Amber, Greg M, Jason B, Tanner, Lorraine, Irene, and Harvest for always having a place for me to call home, Jordan & the folks at pulpcultured, Mr Adam Jack at UnderbellyComix.com, Michael Temple for designing this site, all the artsy input & hapa friendship, and Eden, tiny T, Julian and Maybelle for being my family.

Keep in Touch

Want to say hello? Ask a question? Have me draw something for you? Grab a cup of coffee?  Send me an email at : pjaypatten77@gmail.com

Want more? I post sketches, art unrelated to Tower25, future Tower25 pages, etc. on Facebook and twitter.  Clicking on one of those fancy buttons below will take you where you need to go.


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